Eklipsa Series

The new Eklipsa® array is available in a 12” 2-way version and a 15” 2-way version. Both of these unique cabinets boast Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture together with Adamson’s patented High Frequency Wave Shaping technology. Adamson’s proprietary, ND12, 12” neodymium low-mid transducer and ND15, 15” neodymium low-mid transducer, feature a progressive Kevlar cone geometry that reduces modal behavior, providing an improved and linearized pass-band throughout the vocal range. The High Frequency Wave Shaping sound chambers insure a uniform wave front that does not interfere with the adjacent enclosures in the array. Each waveguide is loaded with a 4” diaphragm neodymium compression driver allowing for extremely high output.

Eklipsa offers a very tight 18 degree x 60 degree horn pattern. And though the primary implementation of the product is aimed at horizontal arrays, multiple cabinets can be flown in a vertical array to further enhance Eklipsa’s flexibility. Additional hardware is required to build a vertical array. The Eklipsa series targets touring companies, theatres, nightclubs and live performance venues that do
not require the longer throw of a line source system. Extreme accuracy with tight pattern control is ideal for indoor venues such as houses of worship, where various non ideal surfaces such as large glass windows and hard walls, can cause reflection issues. In clubs and theatres, low ceiling height or missing hanging points can be a
bother when trying to fly a vertical line array.

The Eklipsa is well suited for sports arenas and stadiums. With high SPL and tight dispersion Eklipsa delivers powerful, accurate and intelligible coverage for these large format installations.

In installations such as Houses of Worship, theatres, night clubs, sports arenas
As a stand alone FOH system
As discrete fill speakers with other larger system

2 way Horizontal Line Array cabinet with 18° x 60° dispersion
Advanced ConeArchitecture™
Precise Pattern Control with an Adamson Acoustic Waveguide
functional rigging option for flying

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