Y Axis Series
Adamson Y-Axis Line Arrays offer the best possible solutions to the complex questions of line array geometry. Sound chambers, waveguides, driver size and box angle are all critically optimized in the integration process of array design. Each of these components plays a significant role in the outcome.

The heart of the Y-Axis System is the proprietary Co-Linear Drive Module. Adamson's unique 'sound chamber within a sound chamber' produces a perfectly curved, iso-phase, co-linear sound source of both mid and high frequency energy. Time-smear, mid lobing and comb filtering are virtually eliminated, giving the Y-Axis line array unrivalled far-field sonic accuracy. Both the Y18 and Y10 offer 100 degrees of horizontal coverage and extremely high SPL. The Y10 - featuring Adamson's ND10-L 10" Kevlar, neodymium drivers - exhibits the lowest transient distortion of any line array in the industry. All Y-Axis models feature a slide-hinge rigging system that facilitates precise angular positioning.

The T-Series is designed to provide superior sub-bass extention to the Y-Axis Series. The T21 Sub is equipped with two SD-21 multilayer 21" Kevlar drivers featuring Adamson's Symmetrical Drive™ technology. Unlike other dual coil drives, the SD-21 employs a balanced double spider suspension, with spiders at both endsof the dual coil assembly, resulting in extreme stability under high excursions. The powerful T21-Sub features AIR™ (Adamson Integrated Rigging) captured flying hardware that enables five precision angles.

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User Comments

Adamson's Y10's and Y18's in addition to the T21 Sub, creates a complete package. I feel like I'm a salesman for this PA, but I'm really excited about it because of how good it is. The efficiency of the T21 sub is unlike any other sub.

Kenneth “Pooch” Van Druten

FOH Engineer: Linkin Park

“I found the T-21 Sub to be very responsive and warm. Thanks Brock Adamson!”

Charlie Ferguson
FOH Engineer: Sam Robert’s Band

“My main concern is enjoying what I mix. As we all know, the audience is spread out within a venue and only a few lucky ones can share a center listening position. However, the full range of the Yaxis system, the power, coherence and directivity, results in it being astonishingly constant, and a person standing or sitting anywhere in a venue can share my enjoyment. And if the crowd is happy, I'm happy!”

John Ryan
Nile Rodgers & Chic European Production

“I’m not used to having 6000W power with my usual touring subs- I’d love to get my hands on them again.”

Maurizio Gennari
FOH Engineer: Depeche Mode

Larry Cumings

"I have found the Adamson Y-AXIS to be the paramount line array system after mixing shows on all the best systems available. We use local audio companies for our tours with David Grisman, but we travel with our own Neumann KM 84 microphones. I advance each show with very specific requests for the sound system and the Y-AXIS line array is now my choice for all my events."

Larry Cumings
Grammy Award-Winning Engineer
FOH Mix Engineer: David Grisman Quintet
Audio Producer: Strawberry Music Festival, Yosemite

“I've had trouble in the past with slow transient response from large subs, but the kevlar construction makes the drivers move really quickly and precisely.”

Jonathan Lucas
FOH Engineer: Guillemots

"With the Y-Axis, I need not work as hard to make the system sound right -- and that leaves me more time to get the mix right. "I am particularly impressed that the system has no time smear; listen for yourself, whether on- or off-axis!"

Alvin Koh
FOH Engineer: Siti Nurhaliza 2004 Fantasia Tour

“When you get in path of the T-21 Subs, the difference is incredible. I love them.”

Harley Zinker
FOH Engineer: The Strokes

"The Adamson Y10 exhibits unprecedented audio clarity and imaging with an efficient, low-profile enclosure design. Utilizing co-axial waveguide technology, the Y10s produce continuous, linear full-spectrum sound coverage with practically zero distortion. Precision hardware makes flown or stacked rigging configurations a rapid setup for even the most challenging FOH audio applications."

Philip J. Harvey
FOH Engineer: Medeski, Martin and Wood

“The experience of touring with twelve T-21 Subs... the most precise and powerful subwoofer I have ever used!”

Fernando Diaz
FOH Engineer: Alejandro Sanz

I would suggest that of all of the line array systems available in a crowded market, Adamson has come in very near to (if not at) the top of the heap.  Mixing Metric across Canada on an Adamson Y10 system, I am getting the clarity, range and focus I need for their inherent subtleties, along with just enough bite to justify a rock band that needs to be heard as a rock band, in their increasingly energetic shows. The system's versatility is also a huge factor in this tour's success, allowing for set up in venues ranging from hundreds to thousands with no hassles at all. In a nutshell, Adamson is helping make this tour memorable for everyone - the band, myself and fans alike. Hat's off Adamson!

Sean Richards
FOH Engineer: Metric
PM/FOH: John Legend

"The Adamson Y10 has provided such pure audio that I can forget about the loudspeakers and just listen to what the musicians are doing. I’m no longer listening to a PA system; I’m mixing a band and finding it possible to concentrate on the music, confident that the majority of the audience will hear exactly what I hear. We have achieved excellent coverage and a consistent SPL in a wide variety of venues around the UK."

Matt Manasse
FOH Engineer: Rufus Wainwright

"I read the specs, then I used the box. The T21 sounds even better than it looks on paper. This box is a must have for any rock show!"

James McCullagh
FOH Engineer: INXS, Lucinda Williams, Journey

"It was like driving a REALLY FU%$*%# fast car!"
"It was a pleasure"

Robbie McGrath
FOH Engineer: Rolling Stones, Pete Yorn

Cameron Bleitz

"I used the Adamson Y-axis rig recently with Dark Star Orchestra at the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, and I was just floored. Absolutely some of the cleanest, most consistent sound I've ever worked with. On a lot of arrays you get cone filtering, but with the Y-axis I you can walk from left to right in a big stadium and there's no phase cancellation. I'm really impressed. Extremely impressed. I've been in the industry for 18 years now, and I've worked with every kind of speaker. The Adamson Y-Axis is, without a doubt, the best I've heard."

Cameron Bleitz
FOH Engineer: Dark Star Orchestra

"On the ‘Just For Kicks World Tour 2002‘ with INXS, I’ve mixed on every major system
that is available on the market…
"The Adamson Yaxis has the best midrange image that I have used, and headroom for days on the vocals!!
"Cheers Brock & your team!!"

Tommy .D.
FOH Engineer: INXS with Brock Adamson

"You see the way Kenny works the mic? I love it when the system allows me to keep him out front - anyway - without having to really work at it. These cabinets (Y10's) are like that."

Keith Bugos
FOH Engineer: Kenny Rogers

Sean Busby

“I thought the system performed brilliantly. Bob's show is by its nature a fairly quiet one, and we didn’t have to install loads of infills. We just had the two big stacks each side and some centre fills. The coverage was excellent. On some of the shows where we weren’t using our regular production, we used other well-known system brands, and I found that in comparison the ratio of coverage to numbers of boxes with the Adamson was superior. I’d like to use it in a bigger venue because it’s really a long throw box, but it adapts very well to theatres. Now that I’ve got my head around how it works, I can’t wait to work with it again!”

Sean Busby-Little
FOH Engineer: Bob Geldof Tour

"I thoroughly enjoy mixing on the Adamson Y10 array. Sonics and construction are both excellent. Nice job guys!

“I'm fortunate that I get to use many different high-quality systems, and I count your Y10 array among the best.”

Paul Dieter
FOH Engineer, Jackson Browne
Grammy Nominee - Jackson Browne "I'm Alive" (1995); Emmy Winner - Ally McBeal Show (2000-2001)

Will Cotter had the opportunity to test drive Adamson's Yaxis while mixing at We The Planet, a music and activism festival that took place at Speedway Meadows in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The Y18 rig was supplied by Golden State Sound.
"That was the first time I've used the Adamson line array, and I was very impressed - there was a warmth and fullness in the low mids that I've missed in some other line arrays I've used. I walked around a bit during the other performances, and the system carried well; there was a single mono delay stack behind the FOH position, which filled in the rear center very nicely.
"It was a wonderfully responsive rig, which was great since it was a festival with no soundcheck. I thought the rig was perfectly sized for the area - there was plenty of volume and headroom, yet it was arrayed to keep sound from bleeding out too much from the audience area. I like to think of line arrays as the sound industry's answer to moving lights - a tool that lets you place the sound you want, where you want.
"Thanks for such a great rig."

Will Cotter
FOH Engineer: CAKE
Oakland, CA

"I would like to thank you for the Yaxis, it is an excellent system! It was my personal favorite of the entire summer! Hope to see you ‘down the road’."

Mike Lynch
FOH Engineer: Wishbone Ash

Patrick Demoustier

“Simple Minds is some of the most demanding music from a PA system I have ever mixed. It has a lot of low-end loops and heavy bass. With the Yaxis, we have a fantastic and unbelievably powerful sound!!!! It is even better than I hoped for!!! Every day I am falling more and more in Love these cabinets. I did Simple Minds 4 years ago on a festival tour with local PA. It was a struggle every day. But now… I am having so much fun mixing!”

Patrick Demoustier
EML Productions

"We chose the Y 18 line array for our 2000 opening ceremonies for the Wiener Festwochen after having visited Alex Schlösser in Germany and tested the system in freefield. We did some extensive measuring with Smaart Sia, changed some minor parameters and decided to let the Y 18 participate in the shoot out. During the shoot out at the historical house of the major of vienna we heard four different systems and eventually had to decide for the Y 18 because it was the best sounding system up to a distance of some 156 m away from the stage. The system used, was set up with eight Y 18 cabinets and two amp racks."

Adolf Toegel
Chief Sound Engineer: Vienna Symphony Orchestra


"After listening to the Adamson Y-10 Line Source Array: What I heard I can only describe as the most intimate, intelligible and enveloping sound I have ever heard out of a loudspeaker system. I was some 40 metres from the arrays and the announcements from a live HH wireless on stage sounded like that person was whispering into my ear. The music was like the greatest red wine I have ever had; big, full bodied, beautifully precise and as the wine improved with air; the PA improved with level. Nothing leapt out of the system at high levels, it felt completely linear at all levels."

"The Y10 with T-21 is the best active four way I have ever used."

Scott Willsallen
Sound Designer and Consultant - 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Eurovision Sound Contest in Athens, Asian Games in Doha 2006

Don Lind

"The midrange is phenomenal, I think it's what distingushes the Y-Axis from all other line arrays."

Don Lind
Golden State Sound

"It's amazing that such a full and rich sound comes out of such a small box. The coverage and throwing capabilities of the Y-10 system is going to put the term, 'delay,' out-of-business and make the audio companies more efficient with less point sources of sound."

Bobby Brantley
Brantley Sound Associates
Nashville, Tennessee

Kevin Margolin

Our experience with Adamson has been great. The Y-10's Y18's and T21's have been an excellent addition to our rental inventory. Engineers who have used it want it. Engineers who haven't want to try it. The shooter software is the best tool I've seen for aiming any speaker system. The Yaxis just works. It's very predictable. It has no weird attributes. It sounds the same at low output and when you beat it. It's great to have a winning product.

Kevin Margolin
Atomic Professional Audio
Rutland, Vermont

Roy Kirchir

"You really have to respect this Y-Axis box. It brings the music right up to you, narrowing the gap between you and your mix. If it wasn't for the crowd noise I would think I was wearing in-ears."

Roy Kircher
Big House Sound

“The difference with this sub is the 21" Kevlar drivers, they're fast, punchy and responsive, nothing like other 21's. Superb!”

Andy Davies
Concert Sound UK

"If you've ever met Brock Adamson personally, or had the chance to sit down and chat speakers with him, he knows his stuff. The double 18-inch configuration gives you plenty of bottom end without the necessity of subwoofers...Overall the output and fidelity were true to the source material... I can see where this speaker could become the favorite for small-to-medium rock or pop-type music concerts and would be perfect for A/V companies in large ballroom applications. The vocal reproduction was tremendous."

Mike Bourne
Allstar Audio
Smyrna, Tennessee

"Many of our friends who are working in Europe said that the Yaxis was the best line array. After doing a little research in the USA, it seemed like anyone who knew what they were talking about said the same thing. Leo (Leonardo Vilar, FOH and System Designer) and I spent some time with Brock and Jesse Adamson at AES in Los Angeles. In the end, we decided to go with our good feeling and chose the Yaxis without even hearing it, mostly because the physics involved in the design. We were looking forward to receiving our cabinets, and when we finally got to hear them, we were very happy with the results. The system performs even better than what everyone had told us, and we are proud to be the first company in South America with the product.”

Cesar Vilar
C. Vilar LTDA Amplifications Profesional

“We have tried a number of vertical array systems and discovered that there are only a couple of true line source products on the market, with Adamson being one of them. We are always keen to turn heads and pioneer new ideas and products, which is why it is exciting for Cloud One to be involved so early in the UK market development of the Adamson brand.”

Paul Stratford
Managing Director
The Cloud One Group
Birmingham, UK

"The obvious thing to me is the amazing clarity and linearity of the system and it’s surprising that the system is almost one-third of the size of the other ones. Since we bought the Y-10s all our customers have been really impressed with the sound and the whole package."

Daniel Hardy
Trois-Rivières , Québec

After requesting a demo through the Adamson website, Sound Plus was able to take a demo system out for some real-world testing.
“Nothing could have sold me like experiencing the ease of rigging and ease of use and control for myself in the field doing a show with them.
“As soon as I had them in my shop with the XTA 226, I couldn't help but fly four of them and spend all weekend trying to pound the hell out of them with some of my favourite albums. I love the clarity and presence of them at high SPL and I can't wait to use them this summer. I like the feeling that we didn't just buy a product, but the manufacturer is working along side us to make sure that product performs like it should.”
Chris Mathany

Technical Services Director
Sound Plus Show Systems
Concord, ON

"The Adamson Y-axis series line array seems to have solved the lack of low-mid performance seen in other products on the market. This has been done without sacrificing the hi-frequency/mid-range properties that have made line-array type systems so popular."

Jim Wakefield
Vacation Productions
Nashville, Tennessee