Metrix Sub

This ultra compact line array loudspeaker is a convertible cardioid Sub; a single-sided box that can be arrayed conventionally or arrayed in back-to-front pairs for true cardioid performance. The Metrix Sub is equipped with two newly designed, powerful 15” ND15-S Kevlar Neodymium bass drivers, mounted in a tuned, vented and fully braced enclosure.

The Metrix Sub features precision-machined, rigging hardware that recesses into the enclosure when not in use and works in conjunction with other AIR™ system rigging elements to allow for a variety of configurations - attach the subs to the rigging frame and hang the Metrix enclosures underneath them, or place your subs directly on the floor and ground stack your array securely on top using the same rigging frame.

The Metrix Sub is also available free of rigging hardware as an installation model (-i).


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