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Church Unlimited began almost 30 years ago with a campus located in West Auckland, New Zealand and since then has expanded to include three additional New Zealand campuses, located in Central Auckland, Whangarei and Kaitaia. 

 Recently the multi-purpose auditorium at the West Auckland campus received an upgraded sound reinforcement system featuring Adamson loudspeakers. Intec Systems, also located in Auckland, was responsible for the design and installation of the new system. Adamson’s distributor, Direct Imports, worked closely with Intec to meet the deadlines the job required.

“The auditorium at Church Unlimited is very wide with seats wrapping close to 180 degrees around the stage,” Mike Hughes, director of Intec Systems explains. “Our recommendation was two-fold – first was to employ an acoustic consultant to deal with some acoustic issues that could not be resolved with a new loudspeaker system. Second was to design a system that would provide consistent tone and volume throughout the space – something the existing system was not accomplishing.”

Intec Systems had completed several installations using Adamson SpekTrix and Metrix enclosures and were familiar with its tight pattern control and true line array behavior. After modelling the room with both Adamson Blueprint AV and EASE software, they were confident it was the right loudspeaker for the job. 

Hughes specified left-right line arrays, each made up of four Metrix-I and two Metrix-I W. Outfill was handled by two more arrays, this time consisting of two Metrix-I and two Metrix-I W enclosures. For balcony delays Hughes deployed two clusters each made up of one Metrix-I and one Metrix-I W. A cardioid subwoofer array of two SpekTrix SUB subwoofers was flown in the center of the room while two Adamson E219 subwoofers were built into the stage structure at ground level for added low end.     

“The system installation and commissioning had to be completed between Sunday services, so careful forward planning was required to ensure there were no surprises,” adds Hughes. “Removal of the old system and cabling began early on Monday and we were ready for the arrival of the Adamson product on site Wednesday, with the system installed and commissioned ready for a Saturday practice with the church band.”

Fortunately, the Intec team were familiar with the Adamson product so the installation was seamless with exceptional results.

“The difference to our services has been overwhelming,” adds Sam Tolley, executive pastor of Church Unlimited. “The clarity over the entire audio spectrum has been astounding from the definitive punch of the lower frequencies when live music is being played all the way through to the crystal clear diction being heard when people are speaking. Our musicians are amazed at the dramatic improvement in the on-stage monitoring and our congregation are truly noticing the difference. The system delivers all that was promised and more.”


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Photo Caption: Adamson Metrix line arrays reinforce services at the West Auckland campus of Church Unlimited.


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