With a new season comes new ideas, opportunities, and fresh starts. Adamson Systems Engineering has officially debuted a new Instagram account this fall to inform, educate, and interact with our audiences around the globe. 

Anyone who is a part of the #TeamAdamson network is encouraged to follow @adamsonsystemsengineering to see the most recent installs, hear about new Adamson products, read featured partners stories, and so much more. When @adamsonsystemsengineering hits 5,000 followers, we will be detailing a milestone giveaway through posts on the page. Be sure to keep notifications on for @adamsonsystemsengineering posts so you never miss a thing. 

“I think it is important that the new marketing team refreshes Adamson’s digital presence with a new social media profile. There’s nothing quite like starting off with a clean slate on any platform, so this is a fantastic opportunity to do just that.” says Nadia Adam, Marketing Manager at Adamson Systems Engineering.  

Tag @adamsonsystemsengineering in your stories and posts, and use #TeamAdamson when posting about Adamson products! Our previous Instagram has been inactive since May of 2021 – all messages, and or comments were not received by Adamson staff. We are excited to reengage with the Instagram community and reconnect with #TeamAdamson, so stay tuned!  

Adamson develops and manufactures a complete line of superior, advanced technology loudspeaker products for the touring and installation market. www.adamsonsystems.com
Adamson S-Series Live is Coming Back

For the 5,000-plus people attending the recent Festival One in Hamilton, New Zealand, the return of live music went from being a vague promise to a welcome reality – a chance to party like it was 2019 and take in a full-fledged live experience again.

Undoubtedly, the audiences and artists who performed over the three-day festival were thrilled to be there. But it’s a fair bet nobody was happier than audio engineer Benny Masterton, who designed the system and – as one of very few engineers in attendance – mixed many of the artist’s sets. “After almost 12 months of ‘retirement’ it was an absolute pleasure,” Masterton says. “I haven’t done this for so long, so I felt a bit rusty, but it was exciting to have that side of my brain working. And I was happy we had an Adamson system because I personally love their PAs, and knew I’d get exactly what I needed out of it.”

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